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Secondary Operations

In addition to our Stamping technology, D&D Manufacturing also offers our customers services for complex assembly of highly engineered parts by utilizing various Staking, Riveting, Tapping and various assembly processes.  All our assemblies are produced in a highly automated environment.

D&D Manufacturing produced a wide range of assemblies, from very simple to very complex multi component assemblies. All product produced are verified for conformance to specifications with a Quality Assurance Processes plans that are specifically developed for your product.

Our manufacturing processes utilize innovative, high-tech, monitoring equipment throughout our Secondary Operations that have the capability of shutting down a process or notifying us in the event a single part does not meet the desired specifications. This allows us to make immediate corrections. It also assures higher quality, deliveries on time, less waste, cost, and scrap.

During and upon completion of your manufacturing order, we perform ongoing product performance testing, along with full dimensional testing to ensure our processes remain in constant control.

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