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Mission, Vision, and Core Values

  • Vision

Continued growth allowing for a strong strategic worldwide diverse customer base.

  • Mission

Surround our customers with excellence, and on-time product, that derives from outstanding engineering through our management and employee driven innovation.

  • Core Values

• Customer Satisfaction

D&D Manufacturing is driven by customer satisfaction and service. It is our responsibility to create systems that ensures world class quality and delivery.

• Ethics

We will be honest and fair with our employees, customers and suppliers. This honesty allows D&D Manufacturing to create long lasting partnerships that are built on mutual trust and respect.

• Excellence

It's always important to remain focused on how we can improve ourselves in order to strive for achieve excellence throughout our organization.

• Fun
We strive to create a positive environment that allows our employees, customers, and suppliers to enjoy themselves while being associated with D&D Manufacturing activities.

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